What is Mommy Bahama?

Mommy Bahama is a line of stylish maternity leave resort wear. You know, for “vacation.”


Why did you put vacation in quotes just now?

Because maternity leave is not really a vacation. Despite what your friends, family and coworkers might tell you.


Do people really think that?!

Yes! Many people who have never been through it themselves will say things to expecting mothers like, “Enjoy your time off!” or “I’m so jealous - I can’t wait to have a baby so I can take 6 weeks off work, too!” There’s even been a few articles written about it on the Internet… read them here and here and here and here and here and here and here.


So let me get this straight — maternity leave is NOT a vacation?

No! It is not!



Does your idea of a tropical getaway involve round-the-clock care for a fragile and utterly helpless newborn human while your body recovers from one of the most physically traumatic events a body can experience?


Okay… I see your point.



So do you actually get to watch a lot of TV?

There’s a lot going on during maternity leave. You’re sleep deprived, constantly feeding and changing diapers and wondering why the baby won’t stop crying. You’re probably wondering why you also can’t stop crying. But yes, a cop drama or whatever can be playing in the background when you do all of these things.


Maternity leave sounds pretty boring… true?

Truer than true.


I want a vacation… should I get pregnant?

Are you paying attention?


What does a 72andSunny Product mean? Why are we talking about the weather?

72andSunny is an advertising agency. We made this resort wear collection for Mother's Day. These products are not REALLY for sale but if you want us to make them for real, email us at MommyBahama72@gmail.com.